About Us

Babies are the greatest gift that we will ever receive. The world over, we cherish our children. Mothers have performed heroic and self-sacrificing acts of love and displayed incredible physical strength to care and nurture their young ones. Universally, parents want their children to accomplish more in life than they ever accomplished. Maybe that's why dads love to carry their little one's on their shoulders?   

But life is challenging for all, parents have many new priorities, careers, socio-economical pressures, households and now, a new baby to look after. On the other hand suffering in our communities to eat a balanced meal and basic living conditions makes it very difficult to also think about the stimulation of their loved ones during that first crucial period: the first 12 months.

How to best prepare our children to survive and flourish in the modern world has been a subject of scores of volumes of writings and research by educators, medical doctors, child psychologists and occupational therapists. We as the team of developers, representing all above disciples, as well as being parents ourselves decided more than 10 years ago to develop a specialised progarmme for babies in time to come. That time is today! 

We developed the Weplaysmart kit, offering more than 350 step by step activities to help parents to sail through the challenging times as discussed in the first paragraph. Parents will be guided through easy to follow activities in all the development areas and it will help you to track milestones and daily motivate the small ones when they achieve small wins - and boy do they have a fighting spirit that starts with a birth cry. We want to make life easier for you; saving time, money and stress! 

In the bigger picture it is our dream to make a difference for the next generation: Japan did it with "educational moms" stimulating babies from birth and that's why they still have the highest IQ in the world. Research indicated that brain development and growth increase by 105% the first year, tampering to a mere 15% and four years later to 5% growth.

Our passion is to assist you in nurturing your newborn's amazing potential, and make a difference for each baby and obviously for the realisation of a parent's vision of their children. We  make it easy (SMART) by providing you with a multi-functional carry bag and a beautiful set of stimulating toys and educational tools. Our versatile carry bag transform into a nappy-changing station, mobile den, bassinet, feeding station, organised carry bag and a tunnel to assist baby with the first big movement: to crawl. 

Please read through our FAQ's, although pretty long, it is a summary of what, why and how brain development increases during this 300-500 day; window of opportunity. 

We hope you enjoy and notice the enormous growth and achievements of your baby as much as we enjoyed ours. Thank you for your interest.